Choose Geothermal Energy To Slash Your Utility Bills 2/2

When Greeley residents look for a provider of geothermal heating and cooling systems, they look to Comfort By Nature. A new heating and cooling system is a major investment so why not choose one that will pay for itself in energy savings? Our last blog covered some basics about geothermal energy and we will continue the topic this week. Here are some basic things to know about geothermal heating and cooling.


How Does The Geothermal System Work?

  • A series of underground pipes called a “loop” are installed in the area around the house.
  • The “closed loop system” circulates a water-based liquid through the pipes.
  • This liquid exchanges heat with the earth.

Why is geothermal so efficient?

  • A geothermal heat pump is more than twice as efficient at cooling than regular heat pumps or air conditioners.
  • We all know that heat pumps don’t work at maximum efficiency when it’s very hot or very cold out, which is precisely when you need them to work but a geothermal unit always works at maximum efficiency. The consistency of the temperature of the earth means energy efficiency.
  • A geothermal heat pump returns up to $5 of heat for every $1 spent on electricity because it’s not actively creating heat, it simply collects it from the warm earth and delivers it to your home.

Why Comfort By Nature?

We have years of experience installing, servicing and providing routine maintenance for geothermal systems. We are local members of the community and provide reliability and consistency of service.


The savings you get from a WaterFurnace system installed by Comfort By Nature will surprise you. A geothermal heating and cooling system is energy efficient in both summer and winter. To set up an appointment to learn more, call 970.353.3685