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Five HVAC Features That Can Benefit Your Business

When was the last time you evaluated your facility’s energy efficiency? Chances are good that there are opportunities to save money on your power bill and enjoy a cleaner, healthier facility. At Comfort By Nature in Greeley, we help home and business owners throughout Northern Colorado enjoy comfortable, temperate conditions for life and work with top-quality heating and cooling services and products. In today’s blog, we’re going to discuss five HVAC features we can add to your facility to enhance its energy efficiency and the health of your working environment. 


Rooftop HVAC Installation

Rooftop HVAC units are a worthwhile investment for any business, as they are easier for HVAC repair contractors like Comfort By Nature to work on without disrupting your business. They’re generally both cleaner and quieter than traditional floor HVAC systems, and their placement on the roof of your business keeps them more secure. They’re also more energy efficient than ground units thanks to their energy-saving features, such as air volume control, thermal wheels, and dampers. Invest in a rooftop HVAC unit and enjoy a more efficient HVAC system for lower cost and hassle over time!


WiFi Thermostats 

Smart technology such as WiFi thermostats make it easier than ever to fine-tune your HVAC and energy usage to keep costs to a minimum. WiFi thermostats make it simple to adjust and program your facility’s thermostat as you see fit. With this technology, you can program your thermostat to automatically adjust the temperature depending on your hours of operation and any special climate needs your product inventory might have. 


Ductwork Installation

How old are the air ducts in your facility? Aged, dirty air ducts can be the biggest impediment to your business getting the most efficient performance from your HVAC system. In fact, dirty air ducts slow the flow of air through your HVAC system and spread dust and allergens, likely aggravating the allergies of your staff and your clients. Clean air ducts help your HVAC system perform its best! If your facility’s air ducts are older or have never been cleaned, it’s worth considering investing in new air ducts. 



Humidifiers are a relatively inexpensive investment that can go a long way towards maintaining  a comfortable climate in your business. In dry environments such as Colorado, humidifiers can add a little moisture to the dry air to boost the health of your staff and your clients. 


No matter your business’ situation, there’s likely more you can do to get the biggest bang for your buck on your lower bills and ensure healthy, comfortable conditions at your business. Call Comfort By Nature today for a free consultation and expert HVAC service!