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When it comes to Furnace Repair Greeley CO, Knowledge is Power!

At Air Repair, we focus on helping our customers get the best quality and value, especially when it comes to Furnace repair Greeley CO. We recently had a customer tell us that when they called a different HVAC company to inspect and service their furnace, the technician did a “fast, 5-minute inspection” of the unit and immediately notified them that the unit needed to be replaced, without providing any evidence to support the recommendation. Being somewhat skeptical about the quick diagnosis of her furnace, the customer then called Air Repair to come do a furnace service for her, to get a second opinion, before spending thousands of dollars to replace her furnace. After performing a thorough inspection of the complete furnace system, and a Carbon Monoxide test, our technician was able to identify that the furnace was operating well, and simply needed a deep cleaning to increase the air-flow to the home.

Unfortunately, when it comes to furnace service in the Greeley area, we have heard similar stories to this multiple times. It seems that some technicians, or HVAC companies find it more profitable to simply replace customer’s equipment, rather than truly service it. Servicing equipment does take some time, and it requires that the technician doing the service knows how the equipment functions, and how to best maintain, and, if necessary, repair it.

At Air Repair, we believe in providing our customers information, in addition to providing well trained, experienced technicians. When it comes to servicing your furnace, air conditioner, or other HVAC equipment, we strive to provide you great value and great service. When we perform a furnace service, our technician will complete a thorough examination, and provide you with a completed examination report, with notes, details, and images, to confirm the findings. We feel that providing you with this information allows you to make an informed decision about next steps.

If new equipment is needed, we will examine your home, or business, to determine the best size, and type of equipment needed, and provide you with a firm, written proposal, and work with you to schedule the best time and day for installation, to minimize disruptions in your home. We are also available to answer any questions about your existing equipment, or any proposed equipment before and after installation.

If you are located in, or near the Greeley CO area, and are looking for an HVAC provider to help with your furnace, or with any HVAC, or Air Quality needs, we would love the opportunity to earn your business. Please call, or text us at: 970-353-3685, or you can CLICK HERE, to request an appointment for service.

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