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Signs It’s Time to Call a Heating Repair Company

The last thing you want in the winter is a faulty, malfunctioning furnace. Although it is impossible to predict when your furnace may go out on you and require heating repairs, there are some indicators. In today’s blog, we at Comfort By Nature would like to share with you some common signs that your furnace may be on the fritz.

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Signs that your furnace is malfunctioning:

Grinding sound—irregular sounds like banging or chattering could indicate some serious issues.

Rising heating bill—if you feel that your bill is disproportionate to your heat usage, have your furnace inspected. This could indicate a problem with carbon monoxide, which can be potentially lethal.

Dusty smell—when you turn on your furnace and a dry, dusty smell pervades your home, this often indicates a problem with dust working its way into the combustion chamber. This problem can often be remedied by simply replacing the filter.

Yellow flame—the furnace flame should always be blue. If it is yellow, there is dirt in your burner and you should call a heating repair company.

Early detection is key to not only preserving your furnace but also ensuring that you do not find yourself without heat in the dead of winter. If you are in the Greeley area and notice any of these problems, contact us! Schedule your appointment or get your free onsite estimate today!