Warm weather is on the way. 
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Tips for Lower Winter utility Bills

Comfort By Nature is a full-service HVAC repair and installation company in Greeley, CO. We are dedicated to the highest quality customer service and this includes helping you save money in the wintertime. The Rocky Mountains are known for glorious vistas and winters that produce enough snow to keep thousands of ski bums happy. What people never talk about is the winter conditions on the plains just this side of the Front Range. The winter winds and blizzards blow and try to get into every nook and cranny a house has, forcing the cold inside, and forcing the people inside to use turn up the thermostat. This week’s blog is a list of things you can do to batten the hatches on your house and utility bills so they are not as shocking as stepping out into the 0-degree weather.

Seal up Leaks

  • Grab the caulk and the weather stripping and seal up every little crack and gap that lets cold air in.

Load up on insulation

  • Make sure that all the walls and roof are adequately insulated. Check for insulation that has shifted over time, leaving sections of the home unprotected from the cold.

Change Your Filters

  • When your filter is full, the air that recirculates through your house isn’t getting clean.
  • When an air filter is full, it slows the airflow down, forcing the furnace or HVAC to work harder and sending your utility bills higher.

Tune Ups

  • Get your furnace or HVAC serviced at regular intervals. We provide this service.

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