Tips to Lower Your Cooling Bill

Comfort By Nature in Greeley Colorado serves the Greeley area. We provide residential and commercial heating and cooling repair, replacement, and new construction installation. We know that Northern Colorado summer heat can be intense and your cooling bills can skyrocket. We’ve put together a list of things you can do to keep your cooling bill down to earth.
Get a programmable thermostat. having a thermostat that goes off and on at preset times can save you money by not letting the air conditioning run when you are not home. It can start cooling the house down a few minutes before you get home too so you’ll arrive home to a cool house without the heat pump running all day.
Don’t cool unused areas. Close the vents in rooms you are not using and keep the doors shut.
Install an attic fan. A hot attic on your house is like putting a heating blanket on your body. If you install an attic fan and get the attic ventilation going you will save money on cooling the house.
Use ceiling fans. Especially for sleeping, ceiling fans can make your area feel cool without cooling the entire house.
Install your air conditioner in the shade. It’s logical, but most people don’t’ consider that the air conditioning unit itself should be in a cool place This will increase its efficiency.
make sure your heat pump is clear. Keep vegetation at least two feet from the heat pump. If the sides of the heat pump are stifled by plants, it will have to run more to have the same effect and the difference will show up on your bill.